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Cylinders, Tubes and Baskets

Atlas delivers fabricated and configured wedge wires in various forms. Newly developed screen products including cylinders, tubes, baskets and drums.

Wedge Wire Cylinders and filter tubes can be designed with slot openings and wires running on the outside surface of the screen cylinder or they can be positioned axially on the inside of the cylinder.

Cylinders diameters are from 1/2" pipe size to 35". It can be fabricated into larger diameters. Each intersection of wedge wire and support rod is welded for strength and durability. Various combinations of wire and rod can be used to produce the best screening cylinders and tubes.

Rotary Screens typically use wedgewire for the screening media. The above externally fed unit has a spiral wound wedgewire screen drum 36" OD x 120" long.

A continuous slot opening which significantly increases the available open area, thus providing a greater access to the water bearing zone.

Avoids clogging and ensures uninterrupted flow.

Ladder-like wire welded screens have the features of easy backwashing, last long, safety and reliability as well as low comprehensive cost.

Styles of connection: by welding or by threaded male/female coupling.

Standard length: 1m-5.85m

Cylinder and Tubes Uses:
Cylinders are used as rotary screens, collectors such as screen laterals and nozzles, resin traps, in-line strainers, water intake screens, well screens, as well as many other applications involving liquid / solids separation.

Conical Baskets and Drums consist of one or more flat wedge wire screen panels rolled to be welded together. It is made of stainless steel 304, 302, 316 and mild steel materials. Conventional construction of Conical Baskets is with an axial slot direction and a Flow outside to inside filtration direction (although Flow from inside to outside is also possible).

The minimum internal diameter is 25 mm and in principle all diameters, lengths and widths are possible. The same surface and support wire as for the welded profile wire are used.

The Conical Baskets / Drums can be equipped with flanges, reinforcements or special fittings to suit your needs.


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