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Shale Shaker Screen Wire Mesh Panels

We supply metal wire vibratory screen supplied in standard accessories or OEM for Various Shale Shakers and Other Motion Solid Control Devices. Our vibrating shaker screen is mainly used in oil drilling mud process, coal mine and various ore dressing and other industrial sifting screening. The screen panels can be designed with multi-layer or single layer flat panels, with or without backing plate support.

oil vibrating shale shaker screen

Flat Shaped Vibrating Screen oil shale shaker screen for Desander oil drilling filter vibrating-hookstrip flat shale shaker screen for solid

Hook strip Flat Oil Shale Shaker Screen

500 2000 hookstrip flat shale shaker screen in oil field shale shaker

1250 x 720mm iron frame shale shaker screen

Composite Frame Square Hole oil shale shaker screens

solid control equipment shale shaker screen

Waved type oil shale shaker screen mesh

Steel frame/composite/wave type shale shaker screen in Oilfield Shale Shaker

multi-layer or single layer flat panels

Quarry multi decks circular vibrating sieve shaker screen

Shaker Vibrating Sand Screen Applied in Quarry

Quarry Mine Vibrating Shaker Screen

gravel mining vibrating shaker screen

Vibrating shaker and sieve screen can be: crimped wire screen, mining screen and quarry screen made from metal wire mesh or polyester mesh fabrics to separate mixed material and to classify particle sizes.

Parts and Structures:
The oil vibrating screen is made with strips, frames and layers of wire screen cloths by welding or hooking or other forms of bonding. The Screen panels and plates can be combination of single-deck or multi-deck screen, so as to meet the requirements of a certain ore dressing process.

Strip or Frames: Hookstrip Flat Screen, Soft Screen, Framed Flat Screen, Framed Waved Screen, Hook strip Waved Screen.

Framed Wire Mesh Screen for Drilling Mud Solid Control
Multilayer Metal Screen Panels made with 304 Wire Cloth and Perforated Steel Backed Vibrating Sifting Screen

Wire Screen Fabrics Applied for Oil Field Vibrating Screen: Pre-crimped woven steel wire coarse mesh, polyester mesh fabric or micron slotted perforated metal plates, woven stainless steel mesh cloth.

Filter Mesh Cloth Ranges: 20mesh-275 Mesh

Common Size of the Screen Panels: 560*1800mm, 600*1800mm, 630*1250mm, 695*1050mm, 700*1050mm, 760*1830mm, 763*1115mm, 800*1250mm.

Stainless steel 304l, 316l, carbon steel, polyester, nylon or dacron, rubber.
The materials shall be resistant to acid, alkaline, heat, corrosion, suitable for process of screening and filtering. Also wear resistance is very important for the screening materials as wear occurs badly on the panels due to rubbings between materials and panels during the screening process.

Plate: 2.0 mm ± 0.1 mm

Aperture: 40 * 40mm rectangular hole

Industrial Siftor Screen for Oil Drilling and Mining Uses

1133 * 780mm * 20-325 mesh / 20 mesh Woven SS Mesh Screen with the upper mesh wire diameter: 0.08mm ± 0.01mm, aperture: 0.17mm ± 0.01mm; Lower mesh wire diameter: 0.32 mm ± 0.01 mm, Aperture:: 1.06 mm ± 0.01 mm


1. Tensioned mesh surface;
2. High damping capacity resulting in reduced noise;
3. Easy assembling and disassembling;
4. Good resilience leading to a higher bounce frequency of materials and increased screen efficiency;
5. Apertures of screen can be deformed within a certain limit, resulting in a reduced probability of aperture blockage by the material;
6. Screen panels and plates may be framed with different material in the pressure molding process, extending the service life;
7. The shale shaker screen for oil and gas industry can handle large liquid flow rate capacity;
8. Blinding resistance;
9. Durable & long lasting construction in drilling mud projects;
10. Different apertures of screen can be designed per the user's requirements.

Specifications for General Vibrating and Sifting Shale Shaker

Vibrating 500/2000 shale shaker screen   40mesh/20meshx700x1050
48-30D 80mesh/20meshx700x1050
40mesh-200mesh stainless steel woven wire cloth for above
Vibrating 500/2000 shale shaker screen   20mesh/12meshx700x1050
48-30D 40mesh/18mesh/12meshx700x1050
20mesh-200mesh ss woven square mesh screen for above
Three tier conglutination screen mesh 40mesh/20mesh/12meshx715x1215
20mesh-200mesh for above
Shale shaker screen 40mesh/12meshx900x1146
20mesh-160mesh for above
Vibrating sieving mesh NS-115/2 60mesh/20meshx1150x1000

Case Study:

Repairable and Replaceable Mesh and Screen
Flat and framed plate screen panels are mainly used for Vibrating type shale shaker screen system with repairable plate screen panels.
Materials: Carbon steel and stainless steel

Standard sizes:

De- 48-30D
Available Mesh per inch: 40-200

Repairable- 48-30D

Available Mesh per inch: 20-200

Uses: Oil field replacement screen.
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